When you fail to plan, you plan to fail

So, what are your Thanksgiving plans?

Our family doesn’t have any. We are pathetic losers. I can’t really tell you what we’ve done in the past – it’s been something a little different every year, which is fine with me. But that also means no one in particular is expecting us every year, and vice versa. I don’t and won’t cook for just the three of us. Way too depressing for me.

Last year, at every much the last minute, I begged my oldest college friend for an invite to her family’s get-together and was welcomed with open arms. Even though she only lives in the next town we hardly ever see each other due to different children’s ages, etc,  Today I emailed her to ask about this year:

Once again we have absolutely no plans for Thanksgiving. I feel like we are the pathetic loser family. My mom has invited us down there, but you know how I feel about that. I’d rather sit around alternating between stabbing my eyes and walking on fire. I hate begging for an invitation to whatever you’re doing, but if there might possibly be room for 3 more (two of whom are small and don’t eat much!) we would love to join you. If that’s not possible I will not cry, I promise. Feel free to think up a whopper of a lie – at least let me get some amusement out of it! 🙂 If things are too crazy, or already too many people, or whatevs, we will find alternate plans – no worries!

Unfortunately, due to some pretty severe health issues both her parents are having (and which I knew about), she had to say no this year. Which I totally get, believe me. I told her I wouldn’t cry, and I didn’t, but I did feel like it.

So I still don’t know what we’re doing next Thursday. We really are the pathetic loser family. Any suggestions?


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