Computer Chapters

So my 7 month old MacBook Pro is full. I fed it too many photos, apparently, and now it won’t boot up. I was successful in booting it into safe mode and deleted a bunch of old stuff, but after a day the problem arose again, even though I hadn’t added anything to it. This meant only one thing: a trip to the Genius Bar at the Apple Store.

I love me some Apple Store. Oh yeah. I lust after just about every product they sell: the new Nano, the iPad, an iMac with one of those ginormous monitors. Just being in that store makes me happy.

Good news: the Genius working with me was able to boot my laptop off her test hard drive. I brought in my own external drive and she moved some things over to it.

Bad news:  we were able to watch my free space clicking down. Not good. She thinks there is some key logging program or automated backup process running that keeps writing to  my own hard drive. I’m here to say that if there is, it wasn’t put there by me. I had to sign over my poor baby so they could run some diagnostics overnight – hopefully all will be well by morning!

With that out of the way, the kids and I headed to the local landfill where they allow household electronic recycling if you bring it yourself (we get curbside pickup of regular trash, but not stuff like this). I cannot even tell you how satisfying it was to heave my 9 year old CRT monitor and Dell tower into the huge boxes they had out – I should have snapped a picture – where old computers go to die. When I think of what I paid for that computer once upon a time, and multiply it by all those other devices in those boxes…..Aye yay yay!


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