Almost Done

I am almost done doing my Christmas shopping for my kids.

I know a lot of people start early, and wrap up early (ha! wrap up! get it?). But what makes my almost-accomplishment so dramatic (in my humble opinion), is that I only started shopping on Saturday.

Yep, this year we are cutting back on the “stuff”. Each child is getting: something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. See, it’s even a nice little rhyme! In past years they’ve enjoyed opening piles and piles of gifts, but then two months later I am still nagging them to put it all away. They love the getting, but don’t know what to actually do with it. Both girls have some high dollar amount items on their list this year, so that helps too. Four main things, plus a Santa gift or two. It may not look quite so dramatic under the tree this year, but at least I know each item will be used and appreciated.


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