I’m working on several goals at the moment.

One you’re all part of – NaBloPoMo. Write a blog post every day for the month of November. I missed one day, but I’ve enjoyed looking forward to a post each day. I’m going to call it successful.

I recently bought a Nike+ transmitter for my running shoes, that connects with my iPod and tracks my runs. I’m participating in two challenges through the Nike+ web site. One is a group of women trying to run at least 50 miles during November. I’m proud to say I reached that goal on November 22, but I’ll keep going because 1) I’m competitive, and 2) running makes me feel good.

A third goal I’ve been working on is giving up soda. I’m a huge diet soda drinker. Most days I drink 2-3 cans of soda. I made the conscious decision to cut this back to one can a day with the eventual goal to drink it only on special occasions. For about two weeks I was doing pretty well, and then I slipped. I’m back to 2-3 cans a day again. Not too proud of that, but I’ll keep working.

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