Nook News

If you’re a Facebook friend of mine you may have seen me post that I bought myself a Barnes & Noble nook (yes, it’s lower case) a week or so ago. I took it out of the box when it came, played with it a bit, and then repackaged it.

I’m going to wrap it up and open it on Christmas morning in front of my kids.

They know I’ve been wanting an e-reader. Kindle or nook – I didn’t really care. I had decided the sweet spot for price for me would be $99 – whichever device dropped to that price or below first I would buy.

Well, I found a refurbished B&N nook on B&N’s eBay storefront for $99 (with free shipping!), and it was the WiFi+3G model, which retails new for $199.

I am very excited to start reading some books on it! Waiting till Christmas is proving to be very difficult!

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