BF Post Mortem

Color me surprised – I actually went shopping yesterday. In case you’re reading this anytime that is not today, it was Black Friday!

We are visiting friends, so I have built in child care, but I had to work too. So we got up and left the house shortly after 6 am, all the children still asleep.  Target was our first stop and when we walked in we saw a line forming near the entrance of the store. I asked one of the liner-uppers what the line was for, thinking it was some super-secret-special item I had missed in their flyer, and lo and behold it was the checkout line!!! I almost walked out right then, but we stayed and I bought some things on my list, and a few things not. And that serpentine line around the store? It wasn’t too bad. It was nice to shop with a friend, since we could take turns running off to find things but keep our place in line.

As busy as it was, everyone was terrific. Fellow shoppers were in high spirits and the Target crew members did their very best to manage the crowds, lines and endless questions.

Then we came home, I worked for awhile, and a bit later bought an item for myself online that had been sold out at Target – bonus!

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