I have nothing to say.

Oh, of course that’s not really true. I’ve always got something to say. Whether or not anyone wants to hear it is another thing entirely, of course. But it’s all percolating right now – I’ll have to come back tomorrow and try my hand at telling you what’s on my mind right now.

For tonight, let me just leave you with this little nugget. I help out in Belle’s classroom on Monday mornings. As I am leaving, they head out to recess. Belle came by where I was talking with her teacher and said, “Hello Ragtop” (calling me by my real first name, obv). Her teacher called her back and said “Is Ragtop your Mom’s name?” She said it was. He said, “If I called my mom by her first name I’d be so hurt I wouldn’t be able to come to school the next day. Call your mom “Mom””. I just loved that he handled it for me. We both recognize she was just going for the shock value – totally typical of the 6 year old set. After she left he said “Kids are funny. You just can’t always let them know they’re funny.”

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