See what happens?

Sheesh! I post almost everyday in November, and then take a long break that I wasn’t planning to. Here it is the tenth of December, you guys!

Let’s recap:

  • We put up our Christmas tree already, which is early for us.
  • We made chocolate chip cookies one day. (I know this isn’t really all that exciting for most people, but for us it is. Trust me.)
  • One of our cats was picked up by a neighbor and brought to the Humane Society. Who called me since the shelter I adopted him from put a chip in him. Thank goodness! And my cat had been out for all of an hour, two max. I have now bought collars for both cats with their names and my cell phone number embroidered in them.

And on to the future – I’m leaving tomorrow on a vacation with friends. My kids are not coming. I know, gasp, right! My ex is actually coming to stay with them. Should be interesting, as he’s not a parent and staying with two active children will probably wipe him out.

Back in a week!

One response to “See what happens?

  1. Have a GREAT time! Keep posting, I miss you when you go quiet.

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