Finding a crack

So, as I mentioned before, my ex-husband manned the fort while I was away last week. While he has a relationship with Krystal, he has mostly ignored Belle since she came along. He is not the actual father of either child, although Krystal does think of him as her dad.

I left on Saturday and spoke to the girls several times on Saturday and Sunday before I had to turn my phone off since I don’t have an International Roaming plan ($$$$$!). The last time I talked to them Belle was literally throwing a tantrum and wouldn’t come to the phone to even talk to me. Aye yay yay!

They picked me up at the airport Thursday afternoon and I was greeted with cheers and hugs (from the kids, not him!). They seemed well fed and happy. We came back to the house and I walked into a brand clean kitchen! He had scoured the whole thing and removed some of the clutter from my counter tops. Of course I’ve been searching for things since he left, but it sure does look better!

We all went to dinner together and then he left for his parents’ house, about two hours away. The girls and I came home, and it was upstairs to bed for the them. Krystal found a note tucked into her bed from him which she loved. When I went to tuck Belle in, she found one too! Well flip my pancake and butter my toast! (I just made that up.)  I think my little one may have just found a little crack in his heart.

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