Monthly Archives: January 2011


Since my last post a lot has transpired with Mr. Guy from the Past. Let’s call him SC, for Second Chance (not his real name).

He was about 2 hours from me last week for business, and we made good use of the proximity and planned a date. I won’t bore you with all the sappy details, but I will tell you that we are both absolutely thrilled beyond belief to have found each other again, and to feel that same strong connection. He said lots of things that anyone in my shoes would want to hear, and more.

So I’m  in a real live relationship for the first time in a very long time! We’ll see how it works with the distance, juggling our combined 5 kids, etc, etc. All details to be worried about in the future. Right now it feels amazing to be with him again. As I told him – it’s both familiar and new, and it is very, very cool.

Trying again

I write terrific posts in my head when I am doing other things, so when I have time I can type them up for you. Then when I have time, my brain is that deer in the headlights and I have a completely blank slate in there staring back.

So instead of one of my incredibly inspiring, witty, amusing or hard-hitting posts I’ve written in my head these last few days and weeks, I leave you with what is most on my mind at this particular moment.

A week or so before Christmas someone from my (distant) past found me via LinkedIn. I accepted his request. Moments later, he emailed me directly. We have emailed, connected via Facebook, and as of yesterday, are now exchanging witty and (semi) flirtatious texts.

We did have a brief, but intense, romantic relationship somewhere around 20 years ago. He married the woman he left me for. They have three children. They are now divorced.

Friends have asked me if I am interested in him. Of course they mean romantically. My 20-years-ago self certainly was. I was very much hurt when our relationship ended, and it was made worse because all three of us worked together at the time. I don’t know if the self I am now is, but I know I’m not not interested. Heck, we’re both different people now. And he lives 5 hours away. Our email/text repartee is just what it used to be though.

So, we’ll see.


I’ve been staring at this page all day, trying to come up with something scintillating to say.

So far, this is what I’ve got. Pretty good, huh?

Granted, I’ve been majorly distracted with work today. That really is a big part of why there is nothing here. Also, I’m doing a photography project this month/this year and I haven’t gotten the photos I’ve taken so far organized or even off my camera. So while I will have some photos to share, right now I do not.