Monthly Archives: February 2011

This is what I’ve been up to

Last time I posted I said I was smitten. Now I’m happy to report I’m full blown in love. Wow pretty much sums it up.

SC visited us this past weekend. This is the first time I’ve introduced a “date” to my kids. Krystal in particular was very nervous about meeting him. She totally stressed out about the pending visit. She wanted to know where he would sleep, what he would be like, what if she didn’t like him, etc. I was honest and said he would be sleeping in my room (go ahead, judge if you will, but 20 years is a long time to wait). She was understandably wary of this. A strange man in the house? In Mom’s bed? He’ll see me in my pajamas? We talked a lot about all this beforehand. I told her he was nervous about meeting her too (true). Krystal is my protector and a real mama’s girl.

When SC got here he came into the house and turned on the kid charm. He engaged both kids right away, asking for a tour of the house, to see their rooms, indulging in looking at the report cards they had just gotten. They were taken in immediately. He also got down on all fours and let the dogs sniff him and jump all over him. They were quickly appeased as well.

It was a busy weekend for us. I had an anniversary party to attend for one of my oldest friend’s parents (65 years!), and SC accompanied me. My friend’s husband expressed his approval (my friend was pretty stressed with hosting duties and I barely got to spend any time with her). Then we met up with a few other of my friends, and they gave the thumbs up as well. On Sunday we hosted a Super Bowl party at my house where more friends arrived. Much fun was had by all, and SC was roundly accepted. “I fit into your world pretty well, huh?” he said.

We are talking about the future, in general terms right now, but specifics will come. We joke about selling our story to the Lifetime channel. I think I fell in love with him 20 years ago, and squashed those feelings when he left me for the woman he married (have I mentioned how painful that was at the time?), but boy it was so easy for them to come back. The L word is being used…mostly by him right now – I’m a little shyer in that area. It’s not that I don’t feel it – I’m just ascared to say it.

Oh, and Krystal has a major crush on him.