Monthly Archives: June 2011

Four Months and What’s New

Has it really been four months? Good grief, what a lousy blogger I am!!!

I’m thrilled to report that things with SC and me are going strong. Despite his living 5 hours away, we try to see each other every other weekend. Usually he comes to our house, but I’ve been out to his a few times now too, and have met his three children. His son even friended me on Facebook! For those of you who are my Facebook friends, SC is a friend, but he’s not active – he’s mostly on it to keep track of his kids (reminder: SC stands for Second Chance, not his initials).

Every other weekend, however, is not enough.

In other news, gosh, what other news is there? When you go 4 months between posts there’s a lot of pressure to say something really profound. Unfortunately, profundity is escaping me at the moment.

  • I tore out the carpet in my entryway and put down tile flooring. All by myself!
  • I bought paint to paint the living room. It is happily sitting in cans in my basement while I work on the motivation do something with it. Like, you know, paint.
  • For Christmas my mother gave me 6 months of housecleaning. The cleaners come every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning. I love how the house looks when they leave. Then a few hours later the kids come home and it’s (mostly) back to where it was.
  • Somewhat related to the housecleaning thing….and the fresh eyes SC has brought to my place….I’ve been doing some much needed decluttering and organizing. I got rid of TONS of stuff in our playroom and it still looks cluttered. Closets and drawers get makeovers during brief downtimes. I’m making progress.
  • Our 3 dogs and 2 cats live together quite harmoniously. Really! My only complaint is the dogs (well, two of them in particular) are really barky. Drives me nuts.
  • Krystal has been dealing with a lot of girl social drama at school. On the one hand I know how girls can be (having been one myself and all), but on the other hand, she’s 10! And this has been going on, big time, for several years now. I wish I knew how much of an active participant she is, since the stories I get from her make everyone else sound like the bully and she the innocent victim. While I don’t doubt her accounts, I wonder what she is leaving out.
  • Belle is still a firecracker. She’s doing well, for the most part, in first grade (which is almost over!). Her teacher did send a note home a few weeks ago stating that he had caught her copying work from her neighbor, so we had a long talk about that. Cheating in first grade? Really? At home she is still high energy but is old enough now to give some freedom outside. I can let her ride her bike around the block without worrying and she’s made some friends in the neighborhood too.

So what’s new by you??