My cups do not runneth over

Any male readers? Any readers at all? Well, if you are reading this and you are male, you may want to skip this post. Or maybe not – suit yourself.

The cups I reference are bra cups. Yes, I want to talk about bras.

My 10 year old daughter, who has the figure of a 6 year old girl, cannot wait to wear a bra. I, on the other hand, had to practically be forced into bondage at age 13 or so when it could no longer be denied. I compensated by wearing T-shirts under my clothes and rounding my shoulders a lot. I think at the time I was protesting getting older, turning into a “woman”, and all that came along with that.

Today I shun bra wearing because it’s so darn uncomfortable.

I consider myself lucky. I’m relatively small chested, so I can get away without wearing a bra a good portion of the time. I wear a sports bra to run in, and if I go out in public with a single layer on, I usually wear a regular.

But you know what? I can’t find a bra that fits. Or perhaps more accurately, I don’t know how to find a bra that fits.

My cup size is best described, by me anyway, as A-and-a-half. Wear a B cup bra and I have tons of extra fabric. Wear an A cup bra and I’m busting out all over (oh, I just made a pun!). I don’t want to wear padding.

How does a between-cup-sizes gal find a bra? Please, oh ye readers with breasts, guide me in my quest!

One response to “My cups do not runneth over

  1. Hello 🙂
    I have the same opinion about wearing bras and had/have the same problem but with a size smaller, AA is too small A too big… I didn’t wanted to wear padding either but had to give it a try when run out of any other options and it turned out ok. It is strange first (whit all that increased size and stuff) but i got used to it in a couple weeks and it does solves the halfway size problem. I wear what’s called t-shirt bra here in the UK, really simple designs, no lace, no frills, minimal padding. Give it a go 🙂 And have a good day 🙂

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