Stuff I’ve Never Done

Inspired by a Twitter tweet today, which led me to this post,  I’m lightening things up with a list of 22 things I’ve never done. I’m not sure why it has to be 22, but it does.

Without further ado, I’m 48 years old and I’ve never:

1. Been to Europe. I’d like to, I really would! Hopefully in the next few years. I’ve been to China twice though – can I get some credit for that?

2. Given birth. And it ain’t gonna happen. I’m OK with that.

3. Smoked a cigarette. Nope, not even one puff. I grew up in a smoking home and smoking of any kind has always disgusted me.

4. Gone on a cross country road trip. In theory I would love to do this someday. In practice I’m not sure it would be so fun.

5. Learned how to French braid hair. This would come in really handy with one of my kids, but sadly I never really got the hair gene.

6. Been to a professional football game.

7. Worn a bikini.

8. Been to the White House.

9. Done illegal drugs of any kind.

10. Been irresponsible, even when it wouldn’t have mattered that much.

11. Gone on a honeymoon.

12. Had a broken bone.

13.  Even thought about joining a sorority when in college. Which I kinda regret now.

14. Sang in public. I do love to sing, but I also know that love is not matched by talent, so really I’m doing you all a favor. You’re welcome.

15. Had hair longer than shoulder length. And that was in 3rd grade.

16. Seen a Broadway play. I would really love to see “Book of Mormon” right now!

17. Been SCUBA diving.

18. Done yoga.

19. Had any organs surgically removed from my body.

20. Been arrested. And I’d like to keep it that way.

21. Learned a foreign language, which is an enormous regret.

22. Ridden a train with a sleeper car.

OK, this was harder than I thought. I kept thinking of things I have done, which will of course be another post in the very near future. Also 22 of them. Because symmetry is good.

What about you? What are some things you’ve never done?

One response to “Stuff I’ve Never Done

  1. I’ve never left this continent. Sad, truly.
    I’ve never seen the Grand Canyon.
    I’ve never been to Vegas.
    I’ve never traveled to the Territories.
    I’ve never been to an NHL game.
    I’ve never been to an Olympic Event.
    I’ve never had a Honeymoon (Despite being married twice)
    Did I mention these are all things I really want to do? lol

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