Monthly Archives: May 2012

It Wasn’t Me!

We all have our quirks.

When I peruse the local newspaper and see that a woman was picked up by the police for: assaulting another woman, abusing her child, leaving the scene of an accident, stabbing her boyfriend or any myriad of other transgressions, I always feel happy (?) that it wasn’t me. I feel this all despite the fact I would never, ever commit any of the acts the accused is brought in for!

Anyone else feel guilty for things you couldn’t possibly be guilty of?

Another Milestone

I bought Krystal deodorant the other night at Target.

She is 11. And does not have an odor problem that I’ve noticed. But….some of her friends are using it and so she wants to as well. I let her pick one out – Dove Cucumber and Green Tea. Expensive! (I do love Dove products though.)

Which makes me try to remember how old I was when I started using deodorant. Probably around the same age, I guess. Although I remember using an aerosol which was OH! SO! COLD! spraying on my poor naked underarms early in the morning!

So many milestones have been reached. So many more to come!

Holy Blogging Hiatus!

Jeepers Creepers! (where’d you get those peepers!) (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

I haven’t posted here in a long time, huh! I think about posting often. I write posts in my head. And then life gets busy and they don’t get written/typed out for anyone else. And then of course they disappear into my own memory.

Lots of stuff has happened in my little world. In no particular order:

  • We all had a birthday! Much celebrating abounded! At the appropriate time, of course.
  • I took a weekend away from the kids. It was great. And too short. And too long ago now.
  • I took the kids on vacation. It was our first trip of just the 3 of us (we usually travel with another family). And it was awesome. They are at great ages (11 and 8) for that. Old enough that I don’t need to watch them every. single. second. And old enough to be interested and able to do some “bigger kid” types of things. All of which made it so much easier to be the only adult with them. Makes me start thinking of other things I’d like to do with them.
  • Emptied my mom’s apartment. Remembering now when that task seemed so huge and loomed over me like an anvil in a cartoon. And now how long ago it now seems. I am still dealing with the fallout – furniture and boxes of hers are still adding clutter to my house – but no deadline on any of that.
  • Hosted my mom’s memorial celebration this past weekend. This too was a task that loomed over me very heavily. I was so stressed about planning it. Everything was my responsibility. I had to write what was to be said. I had to say it. I asked for feedback – memories, stories, snippets – from other family members, but no one wanted to share anything, even though I was willing to weave it into my own words. It was a beachside gathering, per my mom’s request. The weather was gloomy, but the rain held off. The water was so incredibly still. Although we had all hoped for sun, the scene was beautiful in its own way. I took some photos. I said my thing, and then shockingly my aunt (mom’s much younger sister) stepped up and said a few words too. She came through. Afterwards we all gathered at my mom’s favorite restaurant, again per her request. It went really well. Many people told me it was a beautiful tribute. I hope it was. I’m glad it’s behind me though.
  • My love life is still unsettled, though in a very different way than it was when I last wrote about it. No more details right now.

So that’s about it with me – what’s new with you?