Monthly Archives: June 2012

It’s not just the money, honey

Krystal is spoiled rotten.

A few months back she put together a presentation. Let me say that again. My 11 year old, without my knowledge, put together a PRESENTATION on why she should get a cell phone. No, no. Not just a cell phone. An iPhone! She had researched the costs, and outlined all the things she was willing to do to make it happen for her. She sat me down, went through it with a speech, visual aids, and a pointer.

I was duly impressed with the presentation itself. She put a lot of thought and effort into it, and the presentation was downright professional. I’ve been to less polished presentations at work.

What I told her at the conclusion was that I didn’t think she needed an iPhone, but I would be willing to consider a basic calling/texting phone for some time before she started middle school in the fall. She was disappointed, but she understood. No more was done about it then.

Then yesterday she treated me to ANOTHER presentation! This one was accompanied by a slide show and music! But the ante was upped. This time a Northface backpack and a Vera Bradley wristlet were added to the mix, along with renewed phone arguments. To her credit, she is willing to not only chip in her own money, but take on more and regular chores to earn her way.

I said yes to the backpack with the condition that she use it through all 3 years of middle school. I also said yes to the wristlet. What the heck, I’m tired of saying no.

But for the phone, I (again) downgraded her request of an iPhone to a basic calling/texting phone. What? I don’t want to pay for the data plan! And this child has an iPod, so when she has an internet connection she has access to any and all apps she needs.

So basically 3 yes’s. And as great as her offer to take on all these chores is, I know that I will be nagging and reminding her to do them constantly.

So spoiled. But so loved. She amazes me everyday.