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NaBloPoMo Here I Come

Just a note to say that I will be participating in NaBloPoMo this year – the goal is to post everyday in November.

So tomorrow I hope to have something (slightly more) interesting to say. See you then!

And Just Like That

Just like that, the summer is over!

Seriously, where did it go?

We were busy. Like, wicked busy (I’m told my use of the word “wicked” as a modifier brands me as Massachusetts-raised. In this day and age I’m no longer sure that’s the case, but it is correct, and truth be told, I’m just a tad proud of that). It was extremely eventful in terms of activities for us as a family (10 day vacation which included a 5 night cruise!) and for each of us individually.

Krystal and Belle both attended volleyball camp through our city’s Parks and Recreation program this summer and loved it! I was a little apprehensive beforehand since Krystal is so tiny, and volleyball favors the tall, but she enjoyed the sport of it, as well as the new friends she made. She absolutely adored the coach who also coaches the team at her middle school this year…..And Belle picked it up too and also loved it. I love that they love sports!

Krystal also started cheerleading. Practices started at the end of July. I have so very much to say about this (another post perhaps) but very quickly I will share that neither of us had ANY idea what kind of commitment was involved prior to signing up. I am not loving the experience overall (I feel a rant coming on – save it for another post!) but Krystal loves it. In this her size is an advantage and she is a flyer, which she dearly wanted to be. They start competitions this weekend, and tonight is when parents get to see a sneak peak of their competition performance – can’t wait to see her!

As for me, well I’ve had a busy personal life too. Gave up on SC (sorta – foreshadowing), put a profile on a dating site, and started dating. I even met someone I really liked and we started seeing each other several times a week. I wish I could name him for you here, but unfortunately as great as this guy is, after several months I realized I just wasn’t that into him. I wanted to be! I really, really did. He is sweet and kind and thoughtful and intelligent, a good father (as near as I can tell – never did meet his kids, which is for the best) and my friends liked him too. I can’t tell you why I wasn’t crazy about him, but I wasn’t. I didn’t think about him much when we weren’t together, and while spending time with him was fun, it wasn’t something I particularly looked forward to (not that I actively didn’t look forward to it, it just wasn’t part of my thinking). And so I finally let him go. I felt awful about it because I truly like him and think he is a super, super guy, but I also think he deserves to find someone who is crazy about him.

Which loops us back to SC. He would reach out via text once every couple of weeks and if he asked me a question, I’d answer it. Politely, but without much personality (by design). If he just texted a comment, I would ignore it. He hurt me, and I still don’t really understand what went on in his head. I hid most of my Facebook stuff from him (he re-friended me quite awhile back) and his son (who is still my friend) but anytime I did post something he could see, he would “like” it or even comment on it (something he never did when we were actually together). I don’t mind telling you, seeing his name attached to my stuff affected me emotionally and physically.

And go ahead, yell at me. Because he and I are talking again everyday. I am trying to be a little more detached from it all (he still lives 5 hours away and I absolutely cannot go back to an open-ended long distance relationship!), but this is a person who makes me feel like I want to feel. When he is “present” anyway, which I need to ensure he is truly ready to be. Soon.

And so, just like that, everything’s different, and some things are the same but different.

Oh, and Krystal started MIDDLE SCHOOL this fall – holy crap!