Monsters in the streets

When I was five years old we lived in a “starter neighborhood”. Most of the homes were small ranches with young families. At the time my mother didn’t work outside the home so all of our friends were in our neighborhood.

Maybe our neighborhood had potholes that needed fixing. Maybe someone on the highway crew liked patching roads. I don’t know why, but there were lots of mostly circular patches of fresh pavement on our streets that was newer and darker than the rest.

Riding in the car with one of my little 5 year old friends and her mother one day, they explained to me what the patches actually were. They were portals for monsters who lived under the streets to come up and attack us anytime they wanted.


This freaked me out. Of course, in the late 60’s no one said that, certainly not a 5 year old girl. I did panic though. I couldn’t see a way out. These patches were everywhere! The monsters were sure to get me, and my family, and our world will basically come to an end!

I was really rattled by this news. I wish I could remember whether I told my mother about this conversation. If I did, I don’t remember the reassurances she must have given me. Only the warnings of my little friend and her mother remain in my memory. It’s odd to think that mother was probably in her mid to late 20’s. A baby herself by my standards now.

But surely old enough to know not to scare a child like that, especially one not your own!

Have you ever scared a child? If so, was it intentional or unintentional? Did you make it right once you’d realized what you’d done?


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