You are what you eat

Did you know Brussels sprouts grew like this?


I thought they came frozen in a bag! 🙂

Until recently this was one of three foods I claimed not to like (the other two being black olives and sausage) but then I tried them roasted. Yummy! Even my kids love them. I feel so sad for my generation of kids who were only served them boiled to death. No wonder it’s so unpopular.

I’ve been thinking more about where my food comes from. This came from a book I just read which got to me the way nothing else has in decades of poor eating.

Put better stuff in your body and it will feel better.

Simple yet effective.

For a month now I’ve been eating “clean”. No sugar, no flour, no dairy, no processed food. I buy organic when I can and grass fed meats if I can’t. Eating this way is much more expensive that’s for sure! But dealing with chronic health issues caused by a poor diet is far more costly.

I thought eating vegetarian was my road to health. But it turns out chocolate and other sweets all technically fall into vegetarianism. Lots of processed foods do too. At least for now, cutting all that out is how I’m breaking my food addictions.

I’m not giving up chocolate for good – no way. But my mindset is changing to treat treats as, well, treats! I can have M&M’s or Dove chocolate any time I want. It’s fully available in a dozen stores within a few miles drive of my house and if I get a craving I can fulfill it in minutes. I don’t need to graze on that stuff all day long (yes, that is definitely a behavior I’ve followed in the past!).

I ain’t preaching here though. Just sharing what’s working for me. I can’t even convince my kids to eat this way full time, although they are definitely enjoying some of the new recipes I’ve been making.


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