Seasons’ Work

Being a homeowner is awesome!

Being a homeowner is hard!

I’ve pretty much always lived in the Northeast (minus a very short stint in the Southeast, and while I was a homeowner there briefly, I was also very young and thus not as responsible as maybe I should have been/could have been with respect to taking care of a house). And so I wonder, do we have more yard related tasks in this part of the country than say, southern California?

Think about it: we have snow removal in the winter, spring clean up of sticks and leaves from winter storms, lawn treatment (which I don’t do!) and mowing in the summer, fall raking and yard cleanup before the snow flies again, and then we start the whole cycle all over. In — southern CA — there’s just lawn mowing. Right? What am I missing?

Maybe the grass is always greener. Or maybe you southern Californians really do know how good you have it!

Regardless, my grass appears a tad greener today because I finally got around to raking up the leaves. I thought I’d missed the window to get them carted away when Hurricane Sandy made an appearance at the end of October. Not only did she interfere with the final weekend of cleanup, but she created additional mess! (little aside here: we were very fortunate to only experience some wind and rain here and my heart truly goes out to those more deeply affected, some of whom are good friends)

Another homeowner related task done for this season.

Southern California got any openings?



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