Beauty Thoughts

Krystal, my 11 year old, is an exceptionally beautiful child. Her smile gives her face a glow and you can’t help but want to connect with her.

She’s also exceptionally focused on her appearance.

She has a fashion sense far beyond her years. While she is brand conscious, she also appreciates the value of a dollar and was thrilled recently when we picked up 3 shirts and a pair of shorts at Marshall’s for less than ONE similar style shirt cost at a more upscale store.

She wears make-up. Eye make-up! She gives ME lessons on how to wear it! No, I don’t approve of my pre-teen daughter wearing make-up, but I recognize she likes to experiment with it and do let her do so in the house. And she loves to do things with her hair, which is good because I have no idea what to do with it.

I try to focus on her other qualities. How good a friend she is, what a great athlete she is. The other night I picked her up from her school dance (school dance!!!!) and she said that an 8th grade girl she didn’t know came up to her and told her she was pretty. She was surprised that an 8TH GRADER would acknowledge her in this way.

She is pretty. Gorgeous in fact. But I don’t want this to be how she is defined, by herself or others.


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