Inviting yourself

Hey, guess what I did this week!

I invited myself over to someone’s house for Thanksgiving!

We usually go away for the holiday, but this year Krystal has her regional cheer competition on Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, making the 7 hour (one way) trip undoable (is that a word? I couldn’t come up with a better one…suggestions?)

It sounds pathetic, but I didn’t know what to do! The thought of Thanksgiving at home, or even out, with just the three of us sounded horribly sad and lonely, not to mention completely anathema to the whole notion of the holiday (at least in my opinion). Plus, the girls kept asking what we were going to do – I had to think of something!

And I did! I sent an email to a mother and daughter I have known most of my life. The mom was a dear friend of my mom’s when their kids were young, and the daughter was my sister’s best friend in high school. They took us in last Christmas, barely 24 hours after my mom passed away, and we all had such a wonderful time. The daughter’s kids are close in age to my kids, and they got along fantastically. We kept saying we would do it again, but as so often happens, we haven’t yet.

My request to be included in their celebration was warmly received, and we are looking very much forward to next week!

Now I need killer dessert and side dish ideas! Got any to share?


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