Lightning in a Bottle

Ever have a perfect day? A day when something unexpected happens, and through whatever confluence of events everything just turns out…..perfect?

I think part of the beauty in a day like that is that it won’t be repeated. It’s there to enjoy, and savor, for as long as your memory allows.

I grew up on a street with two other girls my age. Until we were about 10 years old we were (mostly) great friends, although anyone who has spent time around girls knows that three is a terrible number: one person is always left out. With us the person on the outs always seemed to rotate, which I guess was fair. By the time we hit high school age I sort of made myself the permanent “out” person. Although it would be interesting to hear from them now and wonder if they might think they each did the same thing.

Anyway, my point is that by 9th grade we were no longer a trio.

One day we all got on the bus to go to school – this was either 9th or 10th grade I’m guessing. The bus pulled into the school driveway and the school officials wouldn’t let us off. There had apparently been a bomb scare and school was suddenly and unexpectedly cancelled for the day. The bus pulled back out and took us all home. This was in the days before cell phones, before parent notifications.

It was 9:00 in the morning on a Tuesday (?) and a town’s worth of high school kids had nothing to do.

I remember getting off the bus at our usual spot and us all sort of looking at each other. A free day! What to do! So, Debbie, Robin and I (yes, those are their real names!) teamed up. For whatever reason, we decided to walk. We walked all over town that day. We must have walked six, seven, eight miles total. We laughed and talked and connected. At one point we ended up at our town’s “business area” where there was a small coffee shop type of place. We walked in to warm up (it was early spring and a bit cool outside). I can’t imagine we had much (any?) money, but we sat down anyway. Debbie knew one of the waitresses, an older woman who might have been a friend of her mom’s. I remember she fawned over Debbie (the “beauty”) and ignored Robin and me.

After our break we walked some more, eventually making our way home.

It was a good day.


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