Kick start me!

I’ve become obsessed with Kickstarter!

Do you know about Kickstarter? It’s where regular people with an idea can pitch it to the rest of us, and ask us for backing money. The creative folks behind the projects offer different reward levels for your contribution which can be as small as a thank you via a tweet, to a free product, or dinner with the creative team or any number of things if you’ve got loads of cash lying around!

I think my favorite category to look at is Product Design. So many great ideas! But there are projects in film, and art, and music, and books, and food, and theater. The list is (almost) endless!

It makes me sad to see projects with only a short time to go before the funding window closes with absolutely no hope of getting their project funded. If they aren’t pledged at least 100% of what they said they needed, they don’t get a dime. Which is a protection for us, the investors too. If they need $1000 to do what they need to do, your $10 isn’t doing much if they only get $500. I don’t know what those folks do. Do they start over?

I am a backer of just one project. I don’t think it’s going to get funded. With 14 days to go they’ve only got $889 pledged out of the $16,000 they said they needed. Maybe I’ll find out what they’ll do as a Plan B.

And I’m sure having fun checking out other projects to see what else I might like to back!


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