Shopping for the big day

It’s two days before Thanksgiving. I had a few things to pick up in anticipation of the big day, and thinking I would be smart and avoid the day-before rush, I decided to take a break in the middle of my work day to hit the grocery store today.


The parking lot was jammed! My first thought was: I guess I gambled wrong, but my second thought was – wait a second here!

The number of people who eat today, on Tuesday, equals the number of people who are going to eat on Thanksgiving. Just because it’s a big holiday (largely centered around eating, but that’s really a whole other story), doesn’t mean any more people are going to eat. It’s the same number!

And more to the point vis a vis the packed parking lot – I don’t think many more people are in charge of the shopping for those people who gotta eat. In fact, I might argue that the number of shoppers is even less than a normal week! This would be because so many of us gather in larger groups for the big meal. We’re going to friends’ and while I am bringing food, it’s nowhere near what I would cook at home. And besides, I’m in charge of cooking and shopping anyway so I’d count as a shopper either way. (Let it be noted my trip today was much quicker than a normal shopping trip would be.)

Is all your shopping done for the holiday? (Thanksgiving!)


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