School Conferences

In our school district the teacher conferences are always scheduled for Thanksgiving week. There is no school today (the day before the holiday), but the teachers work because parents are expected to take the day off to come in and meet with them.

I say that like I’m complaining. I’m actually extremely fortunate to have a ton of flexibility in my work schedule/location, so I don’t actually have to take a day off. But I also know that not everyone is so lucky. Anyway!

At the conference with Belle’s teacher we both kept making surprised faces at each other every time one of us would make a comment about Belle.  Seriously, it’s like we know different kids! I want to meet the one she sees every day!

She said Belle is organized, seems “older”, is a natural leader and things are really clicking for her academically.

Huh? My Belle has impulse control issues, can’t sit still, asks a ton of questions about things she already knows the answers to (or to which there are no answers: what are cats for?) and seems to go out of her way to annoy those closest to her.

Krystal’s conference was the first at middle school, where there is a different teacher for every subject. Each one said glowing things about her. The only negative comments were about how she can rush through her work, thus missing silly mistakes, and a reminder to check her agenda, where they write down all their assignments each day.

All in all – a very proud week for me. Now, how to encourage the school behavior in Belle at home!

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