Coffee anyone?

My whole life I haven’t been a coffee drinker. More than that, I’ve even begged off hot drinks in general, save for the occasional hot chocolate or chai latte (till I saw the calorie counts that is!).

I strongly dislike coffee ice cream and I don’t care for desserts with a coffee flavor of any kind – mocha – pphht! (that’s me stinking out my tongue in disgust)

And yet….now I drink 2-3 cups of coffee most days. How did this happen?

I blame it all on 2 things: a Keurig and flavored creamer.

About 3 years ago I got suckered by consumerism and bought a mini Keurig when it was both on sale at my local Kohl’s and I had a 30% off coupon. I figured we could make non-coffee drinks in it, and it would be nice to be able to offer visitors a cup of real coffee on occasion.

I quickly found out the selection of non-coffee K-cups is very limited and we exhausted those very quickly. The Keurig went into hibernation for awhile, clearing up counter space.

Then we spent a week a friends out of state. As often happens with me away from home I had trouble “going” if you know what I mean. We are good enough friends that I could share that with her, and she suggested coffee. Knowing I don’t care for the taste, she suggested I douse it with some of her flavored creamer.

Wow, was that a good cup of coffee! (it got results too!)

That was about two years ago and my repertoire has expanded considerably.

I don’t “need” coffee, but I like the ritual, and I like having something to do and hold if I am at my daughter’s soccer game, for instance. I don’t really know how to order it at Dunkin Donuts to get what I want though. I also don’t seem to feel the caffeine. Is that weird?

I still don’t like coffee flavored anything, and if I don’t have plenty of creamer I don’t like my cup of coffee either. Maybe you could say I’m actually a creamer drinker. But somehow that just sounds weird.


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