Pick a Number – stolen idea

I am an avid reader of several blogs. Most of them are written by regular people, like me, probably like you. But some of them are written by “famous” people.

One of those blogs is written by Dale McGowan, a man I first “met” via a podcast he was a guest on about 5 years ago. I started following his blog and have purchased his books. He is a man I admire greatly.

He posted something last week that he says is a rerun, but I must have missed it the first time around because it’s new to me. And I absolutely ADORE this idea.

In a nutshell, in case you don’t feel like clicking through, it’s a way to tell stories about your own life to your children. Have them pick a number (age), and then tell them a story about something that happened to you at that age.

I love this for the window it will give my kids to my life (and am curious about the ages they might pick the first few times). I also love it for the creative juices it will inspire in me.

I can’t wait to try it – tonight!

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