Monthly Archives: December 2012


I made it through NaBloPoMo! I posted everyday in November and it wasn’t even that difficult once I set my mind to it. I did pre-write a few posts and schedule them for publication on days I knew I would be busy, but that’s allowed, right?

I also am here to tell you about my 24 hours with SC over the weekend.

Not only am I still standing, but I’m happy. It was our first face-to-face in over a year and we got a lot of talking done. Good talk, some hard talk, but all necessary. I have loved this man in some form or another since I was 26 years old. Almost half my life (omg – I didn’t see it that way till I just typed that!). Of course I’ve loved others during that time too, and he certainly wasn’t on my mind every day or even every year the 20 years we went without contact. But two years go when the first contact from him hit my email inbox I had a physical reaction to seeing his name after all that time. It’s him, it’s always been him.

And we are trying again. We are both happy about it. I do worry about the distance between us (over 300 miles) and the many competing obligations we both have. But we ain’t getting any younger and he sounds ready. Let’s see the proof, SC.