Here’s to 50!

One of my oldest and dearest friends is turning 50 next month.


I’ve had other friends turn 50 of course. But this is the first one who is the same age as me. If that makes any sense at all.

And it means that I’ll be 50 in a few months.

Good Grief!

(it vaguely occurs to me that my use of the phrase “good grief” might even give my age away)

Cheer Hangover

Today I have a cheer hangover.

First, the good news: Krystal’s team took first place at Regionals, qualifying them for a trip to Nationals in two weeks! They worked really hard and put on a fantastic performance. I am so proud of them all, but especially my own kid (duh).

The bad news is that we didn’t get home until 12:30 this morning and I am dragging. It was a v-e-r-y long day (and night).

I kept thinking to myself – if we do this again next year and her team is in the afternoon session (meaning awards are done at 10-ish at night), I’ll book a hotel room for that night and come back Sunday. And as soon as I thought that though I remembered that I’m hoping she decides not to do this next year (even though she probably will)

Off to rest and relax for the rest of the day!

This makes it all worthwhile:



It’s a Cheer-y kind of day

Off to Krystal’s Regional Cheer competition today.

It’s an hour and a half drive away. She has to meet her team at 12:30 to do hair and uniform preparations. They check into the arena as a team at 2:30. Their team performs at 4:18 pm. Awards are after the final 9:02 pm performance.

Belle is going to be so much fun to hang out with for 9 hours.

I figure we’ll be lucky to get out of there by 10. And then drive an hour and a half back.

Updates tomorrow after I sleep hopefully REALLY late Sunday morning!

A new blog is born

I started a new blog.

It’s temporary.

I’m not going to link to it here since I will be using my family’s real names in it, and sharing it with real life friends and family (neither of which are true about this blog). But if you’d like to read it, and follow along on the trip my kids and I are taking to China next month, email me and I’ll send it to you.


Gobble till you wobble!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! No matter what you do today, take a moment to remember all you truly have. I bet the most important things in your life aren’t things at all. At least that’s true for me!

School Conferences

In our school district the teacher conferences are always scheduled for Thanksgiving week. There is no school today (the day before the holiday), but the teachers work because parents are expected to take the day off to come in and meet with them.

I say that like I’m complaining. I’m actually extremely fortunate to have a ton of flexibility in my work schedule/location, so I don’t actually have to take a day off. But I also know that not everyone is so lucky. Anyway!

At the conference with Belle’s teacher we both kept making surprised faces at each other every time one of us would make a comment about Belle.  Seriously, it’s like we know different kids! I want to meet the one she sees every day!

She said Belle is organized, seems “older”, is a natural leader and things are really clicking for her academically.

Huh? My Belle has impulse control issues, can’t sit still, asks a ton of questions about things she already knows the answers to (or to which there are no answers: what are cats for?) and seems to go out of her way to annoy those closest to her.

Krystal’s conference was the first at middle school, where there is a different teacher for every subject. Each one said glowing things about her. The only negative comments were about how she can rush through her work, thus missing silly mistakes, and a reminder to check her agenda, where they write down all their assignments each day.

All in all – a very proud week for me. Now, how to encourage the school behavior in Belle at home!

Shopping for the big day

It’s two days before Thanksgiving. I had a few things to pick up in anticipation of the big day, and thinking I would be smart and avoid the day-before rush, I decided to take a break in the middle of my work day to hit the grocery store today.


The parking lot was jammed! My first thought was: I guess I gambled wrong, but my second thought was – wait a second here!

The number of people who eat today, on Tuesday, equals the number of people who are going to eat on Thanksgiving. Just because it’s a big holiday (largely centered around eating, but that’s really a whole other story), doesn’t mean any more people are going to eat. It’s the same number!

And more to the point vis a vis the packed parking lot – I don’t think many more people are in charge of the shopping for those people who gotta eat. In fact, I might argue that the number of shoppers is even less than a normal week! This would be because so many of us gather in larger groups for the big meal. We’re going to friends’ and while I am bringing food, it’s nowhere near what I would cook at home. And besides, I’m in charge of cooking and shopping anyway so I’d count as a shopper either way. (Let it be noted my trip today was much quicker than a normal shopping trip would be.)

Is all your shopping done for the holiday? (Thanksgiving!)


Scramble with Friends

Scramble with Friends. Do you know it?

Krystal came home from a friend’s house earlier this year asking if would get it for her to play on her iPod. I thought she was saying “Scrabble”, which she already had on there, but she had to show me what she meant.

It’s like Boggle (I’m told – I wasn’t familiar with that one either), but you can play it on your phone.

I am obsessed!

If you would like to play me, my game name is “Ragtopday”. I’d love to play you!

Do you have any apps on your phone you’re obsessed with?

When it changed

When did it change?

It seems like not so long ago I was always among the youngest wherever I went.

Now I am among the oldest. Or so it seems.

At work I think I am the oldest member of my team. About 12 years ago I started reporting to people younger than me.

I am older than (most of) my kids’ friends’ parents. I didn’t think too much about this until the other day when Krystal said her friends were SHOCKED to hear how old I was! The plus side of this shock is that apparently I don’t look my age….whatever my age is supposed to look like. Just wait till April when the first digit will flip over to a 5!

I don’t have too many places to go with this observation right now, except to note it.

Home Parties

When I was growing up the Fuller Brush man would go door to door, selling, well, brushes, I suppose, but my mom swore by his combs. We always had several white Fuller Brush combs in the bathroom, on our dressers, in my mom’s purse.

Tupperware parties were the first parties in your home I was aware of. You know, where a sales person, disguised as one of your friends, would come to your house, and present to all your other friends how great the products were, and then you’d buy some. We also always had Tupperware in our house, but in those days there wasn’t really an alternative to that sort of thing, not like today.

And today of course there are house parties for almost every conceivable product! Gourmet foods, cooking gear, jewelry, bags, books, scrapbooking supplies, lingerie, and more! I’ve been to almost all those types of parties, and probably more I’m forgetting!

Last night I went to the first home party I’ve been to in awhile. It was for the company Thirty One, which to my mind is a bit of a Vera Bradley knock-off. They sell bags and organizing items made in various pretty designs. I did buy some things, mostly because I felt like it was expected. If I’d been browsing in a store with those same products I would have walked out, having enjoyed the looking, but not feeling a desire to purchase. As a matter of fact, that’s how I’ve felt about virtually all the items I’ve purchased from someone’s home party.

There was pressure to book your very own party at the end of the event, which I successfully dodged. I enjoy the social aspect – after all, it did get me out of the house – but I don’t like feeling like I should buy something, and especially not that I need to subject (more) friends to this!

What about you? Do you always buy something at home parties? Is it because you actually like the merchandise, or do you feel obligated because it’s at a friend’s house (or your own)? If you don’t always buy, do you feel guilty, or figure it’s your prerogative as a consumer to buy or not? Have you ever hosted your own, and did you feel pressure, or was it a company you were really excited about?