Who’s Who

Who’s Who – the cast of characters mentioned most often:

Ragtop Day – that’s me, 49 year old single mother of two daughters adopted from China. Reader, runner, thinker. Constantly exhausted, always stressed out. Ultra responsible, frugal (to a fault?), INTJ, diet soda addict, chocolate lover. Ardent fan of Boston Red Sox and New England Patriots (with the T-shirts to prove it), and I watch entirely too much TV. But I like to think it’s “good” TV.

Krystal, also seen as K in the blog – age 11. Athletic, funny, smart and sweet. She makes friends easily and has an easy laugh about her. She’s also a bit high maintenance, needing constant reinforcement that she is just as cute, smart, funny, well-dressed as her sister, or anyone else. Very social and a bit of a drama queen – how I will make it through the teen years with her is beyond me!

Belle, also referred to as B in these pages – age 8. Funny, thoughtful, smart. B is a thoughtful sister, always offering a bite of a special snack to K or even me.  She’s a bit hesitant in trying new things, and sometimes needs to be coaxed. She wants to do everything her big sister does. Her behavior can be a bit wild and inappropriate, but she’s got a good heart. Now that she is in school we get to see how her intelligence is exhibited in the academic environment. She would love to do well, but if she doesn’t, no big deal. To her, not me!

Pets, Tessie is our Cockapoo, who we got in September 2008 as a pup.  Ruby is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel we got in October 2009 as a 4 month old rescue. Dexter is also a Cavalier we got in October 2010 as a 3.5 year old rescue. He is my unabashed favorite. We also have two cats, brothers, we adopted from a shelter in September 2010 named after the girls’ favorite Disney attractions – Splash and Everest.

SC – Second Chance, a man from my past (we dated briefly but intensely some 20 years ago). We reconnected in December 2010 and got serious pretty quickly. Things with him are….unsettled at the moment.

One response to “Who’s Who

  1. Since you use the pseudonym Ragtop Day, is it safe to assume you’re a Jimmy Buffett fan?

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