Cups and Padding and Wires, oh my!

I went bra shopping today. As in, that was the sole purpose of the trip to the store. A store which specializes in underthings!

My current bras, two identical except for the color, were purchased at Target umpteen years ago and have never really fit me right. Oh, they’re comfortable enough, but the cups always had a little extra room in them and lately they are noticeably lacking in support. Which is saying something because I am relatively small chested (and that’s how I like it). Even Krystal has been saying I need new bras. When your flat chested 12 year old makes a comment about it….

So off to the lingerie store we went! I marched right up to the woman with a measuring tape around her neck and asked if it were possible to get a bra fitting.

“Of course!” she responded and we whisked into the dressing room for a quick measure.

She brought me one bra, then two, then six and I tried them all on. Only one was uncomfortable, so that was an easy no. Another had a strap too thick for my taste, so that went in the no pile too. A third was really pretty….but the cups were a little too see through. No thanks.

I bought one slightly padded bra. I don’t like padded bras as a rule, but the sales woman, and my daughter, both insisted, and it was comfortable, and it did  look really nice under my shirt….so I bought it. I got three others too – all different styles. They all fit well in the cup area, and support is right up there (ha, get it?).

I definitely spent more than I would have at Target, but I doubt I would have walked out as satisfied with my purchase. Sometimes you really do need some service.

Now to throw out these old bras!

2 responses to “Cups and Padding and Wires, oh my!

  1. That’s one of the scary things that I know I should do but just don’t want to. Brava!

  2. Best of luck to you on your grand 20 year plan (since its been almost a decade already). Click

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