I Want in!

OK,  so I’ve been reading various blogs now for about a year, as well as sporadically keeping my own. I kept one daily while in China adopting my youngest daughter last year, but once we got home I sorta let it fall by the wayside. Since then I’ve become an active lurker (is that an oxymoron?) on quite a few blogs, most of which I’ll probably add to my blogroll, if they aren’t there already.

But it seems as if most of the blogs I read regularly have more or less a theme – I read blogs that are about parenting, or about adoptive parenting, or about being an adoptee, or being a birth parent, or the effects of racism in this country. I am passionately interested in all these subjects (hence the reason I’m such an active reader of blogs on these topics of course!). And yet, I don’t feel I can or should identify with any of them. My life is very full as a single parent to two children adopted internationally and transracially, and that’s for sure fodder for lots of blog posts! But I’m also an avid fan of several TV shows, have a full time job that is mostly boring to outsiders, but which might feed a few posts now and then, and my relationship with my family of origin is full of tension. All very different things, and I can’t imagine leaving them out.

So, I’m drawing a line in the sand. Gonna start to try to post regulary – let’s start with an average of 4-5 times per week, and see if we can get to daily. It will mostly be for me, as a way to exercise my writing skills, mostly. And to explore my life. My parenting posts will be for my kids to read when they’re older to see how completely adorable and/or annoying they were at any given moment!

Off and running – I’m in!!

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