Feeling Out of It

After taking a break from blogging while we were on vacation, I find it hard to get re-motivated to post again.

But here are some things on the brain, that if I’m smart I will revisit so I can post in more detail when I get my groove back:

  • Krystal is visiting with my ex this weekend (who I want to remind you all is NOT her father, as was his choice at the time) and I can’t believe how much I actually enjoy Belle when she is not having to “compete”. I realize that most of the time I really don’t like my younger daughter very much, which of course makes me feel guilty. But she is very different when she has someone’s full attention.
  • For the first time ever I took two weeks off in a row – the first week was our “away” vacation, but the second week (now coming to an end) was me staying home by myself (Krystal started school, and I sent Belle to her school so I could have a break). This second week was the best week I have had in a long time! I didn’t really “do” much (ran errands on my own, mowed the lawn, spent way too much time on the computer), but it was nice to have the focus be on ME ME ME for a change.
  • I booked myself for a speed dating event! It’s not til October 29th, so I have time to figure out how I’m going to approach it
  • Have you seen “The Pursuit of Happyness” yet? I watched this last night and I LOVED it! I was familiar with the basic storyline having read about Chris Gardner in a magazine several years ago, but the movie was fantastic: at once humbling, inspiring, scary, sad and hopeful. I highly recommend it!
  • Also saw “Wall-E” yesterday with Krystal and my ex (the 3 of us also had lunch before the movie). I am reminded how much easier it can be to have another person for my child to focus on. And how much more I feel freed to enjoy her because of it.

Off to try getting back in it – back soon (I hope!).

One response to “Feeling Out of It

  1. We loved Wall-E. I’m going to buy the DVD as soon as it’s available. THe kids ask every so often if they can go see it again.
    I read good things about the Pursuit of Happyness. Add it to the list of things to rent.

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