Bye for now

Well, the drama has come to an end. more more accurately, time has run out on it. The lice appear to be under control (please, oh, please, oh, please) and even though I’ve had an incredibly busy week at work, I have finally put everything into as good a state as I can. My boss was even very pleased with what I handed over to him at 4:30 this afternoon that he told me about at 10:30 this morning. I’m pretty proud of that. Not really what I was planning on spending my day doing, but it all worked out (it nearly always does!).

We are flying out early tomorrow morning, meeting friends in Florida, and then going on a 7 night cruise in the western Caribbean. These are our dear friends who we vacation with every year. Between our two families there will be 10 of us – Belle and Krystal are the same age as my friend’s two youngest daughters, and then she has 3 teenagers (and a husband). The cruise should be a nice combination of family and adult time for me, since kids’ activities are built into the cruise prices, and we all love food! Krystal is particularly excited about eating whatever she wants – both my kids are fairly adventurous eaters and I expect they’ll be ordering from the adult menu . They have no idea how big this ship will be though! We were visitng my mom who lives near the ocean a few weeks ago, and had lunch in the harbor. When the boats would sail by they’d ask, “Is that how big our boat will be?” and I had to laugh at the sailboats and dinghy’s they were pointing at. Trying to explain it will be like a floating hotel is just not clicking with them!

I’m relaxing with a beer while I flip between the Red Sox (currently beating Toronto) and pre-season Patriots (they’re losing, but so what, it’s pre-season). Bed awaits soon, since the alarm will ring very early tomorrow.

Wishing us a Bon Voyage, and be back in a bit.

Closing out with some photos, just cuz.




pierced ears

That’s Krystal on the right with her friend (who will be on the cruise with us), just after they got their ears pierced two weeks ago. Don’t they look beautiful?

One response to “Bye for now

  1. Damn! They are the two cutest girls in the world!

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