Trying again

I write terrific posts in my head when I am doing other things, so when I have time I can type them up for you. Then when I have time, my brain is that deer in the headlights and I have a completely blank slate in there staring back.

So instead of one of my incredibly inspiring, witty, amusing or hard-hitting posts I’ve written in my head these last few days and weeks, I leave you with what is most on my mind at this particular moment.

A week or so before Christmas someone from my (distant) past found me via LinkedIn. I accepted his request. Moments later, he emailed me directly. We have emailed, connected via Facebook, and as of yesterday, are now exchanging witty and (semi) flirtatious texts.

We did have a brief, but intense, romantic relationship somewhere around 20 years ago. He married the woman he left me for. They have three children. They are now divorced.

Friends have asked me if I am interested in him. Of course they mean romantically. My 20-years-ago self certainly was. I was very much hurt when our relationship ended, and it was made worse because all three of us worked together at the time. I don’t know if the self I am now is, but I know I’m not not interested. Heck, we’re both different people now. And he lives 5 hours away. Our email/text repartee is just what it used to be though.

So, we’ll see.

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