Well hello there!

Happy New Year!

Oh, how trite!

I have neglected this blog of late in favor of my travelogue blog on our recent trip to China (which was AMAZING, by the way)!. If you wanted to read it and didn’t, email me (or comment) and I’ll send you the blog address. Real names and other identifying info is included so I am not linking to it here. And be forewarned, it’s looooonngg!

And I realized that I have very different “voices” when I write!

On my China blog I was almost always upbeat, full of details and always excited with plenty to say. Over here I tend to be more….introspective, and my tone generally comes out more morose. I guess both people are “me”, but I sure like the one on the other blog better!

Lots going on in our little world – updates later!

How’s your year starting off?

One response to “Well hello there!

  1. Hello!!! I have misplaced the link to the China blog.

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