Goodbye Contract Staff

Some work stuff today:

As of close of business tomorrow, my team at work is cut in half. We have not been allowed to extend our contract staff into December, and there is no word on when or if we will be able to bring any of them back in 2008. This troubles me on two levels:

  • Work Level: My work load is doubling, what with having to absorb the work these folks were doing
  • Personal Level: These people have become co-workers of whom I am fond and have grown to care about. One just had his first baby two weeks ago. Another is expecting a child in the spring.

Tomorrow my manager will be making a trip to our location to take us (them) out to lunch to thank them for their time and service. It’s truly a money thing, and has nothing to do with their performance. It stinks, is all.

And that’s all.

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