V – Verdant

Happy Earth Day!

Apropos of nothing, or perhaps tying right in with Earth Day, I’ll just share that I love the word verdant. The American Heritage Dictionary provides this definition:

ver·dant (vûr’dnt)

  1. Green with vegetation; covered with green growth.
  2. Green.
  3. Lacking experience or sophistication; naive.

And I guess I must be pretty verdant myself, since I thought it meant spring-like. Which I guess you can extrapolate from these definitions just fine.

Rachael Ray (who I happen to really like on “30 Minute Meals”, so shoot me already – I like her casual approach to food which says anyone can do this, and they can – anyway) uses the word to describe fresh cilantro. I love cilantro, and I think the word fits nicely – it’s so fresh and bright (another word she uses).

I’m really just rambling here because I need a V word for today, and frankly I’m exhausted. Some cast-off’s for today were: victory, visitors, voting and virtuous. None of which I’m really feeling today. Also thought about using very, as in Very Tired, or Very Overwhelmed. But you’re stuck with verdant today.

One response to “V – Verdant

  1. I thought it was quite a nice post covering both your V word and the day. And there’s something to be said for “veracity” in posting!

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