Happy Day After Halloween! Little known fact: this day is also known as “All Saints Day“. Also, my grandmother’s birthday.

To kick off the first day of NaBloPoMo I’m putting out a nice little self-indulgent post – Janet over at 32 Akre Wood has given me an award, for which I’m grateful and excited!

I’m not quite sure what this means except that Janet says I don’t have to clean it up. Yay!!

Here are my two trick-or-treaters from last night:

Much fun was had by all, and we now have waaay too much candy in the house. However, last year I got the bright idea to pay my kids for their leftover candy and I brought it to work. They were thrilled to get cold hard cash, and I was thrilled not to have to deal with candy in house (and the begging that goes with it) for weeks on end. Krystal has already asked if I’ll be paying her again this year, so it sounds like it was a win-win. This year, they have till Wednesday is what I’m thinking right now.

Anyone else with any bright ideas on dealing with the plethora of candy the kids bring home?


3 responses to “Ghosted!

  1. I’m doing the NaBloPoMo too. Tossing off a little scribble over breakfast will be a nice warm-up for the NaNoWriMo writing of the day.

    I absolutely love your award, by the way.

  2. Happy Birthday Grandma! Today is also my first stepfather’s birthday.

    Your trick-or-treaters are too cute. We only went to 6 houses, and at 2 of those they got fruit, so we’re not looking at tons of junk to deal with. They’re used to getting candy doled out in little bits at a time, so they’re OK with it.

  3. Good for you. I considered NaBloPoMo this year, but decided to pass. Maybe next time…

    I love the Halloween photo — so cute!

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