Four Months and What’s New

Has it really been four months? Good grief, what a lousy blogger I am!!!

I’m thrilled to report that things with SC and me are going strong. Despite his living 5 hours away, we try to see each other every other weekend. Usually he comes to our house, but I’ve been out to his a few times now too, and have met his three children. His son even friended me on Facebook! For those of you who are my Facebook friends, SC is a friend, but he’s not active – he’s mostly on it to keep track of his kids (reminder: SC stands for Second Chance, not his initials).

Every other weekend, however, is not enough.

In other news, gosh, what other news is there? When you go 4 months between posts there’s a lot of pressure to say something really profound. Unfortunately, profundity is escaping me at the moment.

  • I tore out the carpet in my entryway and put down tile flooring. All by myself!
  • I bought paint to paint the living room. It is happily sitting in cans in my basement while I work on the motivation do something with it. Like, you know, paint.
  • For Christmas my mother gave me 6 months of housecleaning. The cleaners come every 2 weeks on Tuesday morning. I love how the house looks when they leave. Then a few hours later the kids come home and it’s (mostly) back to where it was.
  • Somewhat related to the housecleaning thing….and the fresh eyes SC has brought to my place….I’ve been doing some much needed decluttering and organizing. I got rid of TONS of stuff in our playroom and it still looks cluttered. Closets and drawers get makeovers during brief downtimes. I’m making progress.
  • Our 3 dogs and 2 cats live together quite harmoniously. Really! My only complaint is the dogs (well, two of them in particular) are really barky. Drives me nuts.
  • Krystal has been dealing with a lot of girl social drama at school. On the one hand I know how girls can be (having been one myself and all), but on the other hand, she’s 10! And this has been going on, big time, for several years now. I wish I knew how much of an active participant she is, since the stories I get from her make everyone else sound like the bully and she the innocent victim. While I don’t doubt her accounts, I wonder what she is leaving out.
  • Belle is still a firecracker. She’s doing well, for the most part, in first grade (which is almost over!). Her teacher did send a note home a few weeks ago stating that he had caught her copying work from her neighbor, so we had a long talk about that. Cheating in first grade? Really? At home she is still high energy but is old enough now to give some freedom outside. I can let her ride her bike around the block without worrying and she’s made some friends in the neighborhood too.

So what’s new by you??

One response to “Four Months and What’s New

  1. happy for you, that life is flowing smoothly, and pieces are falling into place!

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