Patience Rewarded

Last week a co-worker I rarely see IM’d me to say he was leaving the company and moving to the west coast. He wanted me to meet his wife so we talked about various days/times/ways for us to get together. Originally I was going to drive into the city with my girls on Sunday to meet them, but then an hour or so later he said they had too much to do with the move and could I do something during the week. Well, I TOTALLY understand that (5 moves in 5 years – yes, I do know how much work it is). So, we decided that I would work from the city today, and we’d meet for lunch.

So I dropped the girls off at school, and started the hour-plus long drive into the city. Keep in mind, I’m doing this during my own work hours. I got in there, settled myself into an empty conference room to do some work and attend a meeting. Then it was time to leave to meet S & L. S called me on my cell phone for a change in location, since they were running behind. I hopped on the T to go two stops down, and stood in front of the Au Bon Pain he had given as a meeting spot. There was a man begging for change with a Starbucks coffee cup pacing in front of Au Bon Pain as well, and he was the type who likes to chat up everyone who walks by. Not something I’m interested in. Time kept marching, I kept checking my Blackberry for calls from him, and even dealt with a few work emails while I waited. And waited. And thought “Oh, this is really a mistake. I should have said I couldn’t make it – I have too much work to do. Yes, I know it’s my last chance to meet his wife before they leave the area, but sheesh….” Truth be told, I was getting annoyed. Highly annoyed. Even the beggar picked up on it because he said to me, “Waiting for someone, huh? Well don’t chew their head off when they get here!” I moved away….

Finally, they showed up! Forty-five minutes after the agreed upon meeting time though! Let me cut to the chase – I LOVED L – she was sweet and delightful. I see why S wanted us to meet. I am honestly sad they are moving away because I feel she is someone I could be friends with. She loves the Patriots (and as a newcomer to the USA this is saying something!), loves to read (even gave me some book tips) and to cook. It would have been great to have an authentic Indian meal cooked by her (which they said was their original plan), but who knows when we could have/would have found time for that.

Just saying – my annoyance flew out the window moments after meeting up with them – the wait was long, but I was well rewarded. And I still got most of my work done for the day!

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