I Got Nothing….oh, wait, here’s something

I have nothing to say, but feel the need to post. So I went searching for a meme, and found one that actually fits something that happened this week.  So, not an exciting or insightful post, but one relevant to our current life. Here you go:

It’s that time again for this weeks Saturday six and this weeks theme is Doctors & Health, so without further a do let’s get on with it:

  1. Do you rush straight to the doctors when you feel ill? Me? Absolutely not. I have to be pretty sick to go to the doctor for myself, although I do keep up with routine visits, thanks to good insurance and my advancing age (ahem). With my kids it’s usually different, mostly because I know kids have still developing immune systems and they catch so much. Belle was sick this week, and I gave her a few days to get better on her own and then called the doctor on Day 3 of a 101-103 fever.
  2. Do you have trouble trying to make an appointment with your doctor? For a sick visit I’ve had no trouble. Routine visits I usually have to wait months for.
  3. When was the last time you visited your doctor? I had Belle in yesterday for a sick visit (it’s viral, so it was a waste of a co-pay, and she feels remarkably better now, so I guess all is well). My last visit was in the last month for my annual physical.
  4. When someone close to you is ill, are you caring and considerate or do you try to stay away so you don’t catch anything? If one of my kids is sick I pretty much have to be as caring and considerate as possible, since it kind of goes with the job description of “Mom”. I’m rarely sick, so unless they have strep throat (which I am a magnet for), I don’t worry much about catching anything from them. Also, we get flu shots each year, so that helps my stress level around that.
  5. Have you ever made the excuse that you are ill to get off work/school/college etc? I haven’t taken a sick day for myself in awhile – I did have walking pneumonia a year or so ago that I finally broke down and saw a doctor for at the insistence of my co-workers. The doctor recommended several days of rest, so I took the next day (a Friday) off and lay on the couch all day. It was delightful. I’m fortunate to have a very flexible work situation, but if I did not, I would not be above calling in “sick” to get some personal time.
  6. What really annoys you about people when they are ill? The whining.

One response to “I Got Nothing….oh, wait, here’s something

  1. I don’t go to the doctor unless I absolutely have to. I do catch pretty much everything from the kids though. The RA has ruined my immune system.

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